In a post to followers of the District 27 Facebook page, District Attorney Jack Thorp wrote the following about being named Outstanding District Attorney for 2020:
“I want to thank the Oklahoma District Attorney Association for awarding me the David Moss Memorial Award for Outstanding District Attorney for 2020. There will be an award ceremony in November. I have never been very good at taking compliments or having people say nice things about me. It has always made me feel uncomfortable because I’m not special. First and foremost this is an award that reflects the amazing job the District 27 Team and FAMILY does for the citizens of Adair, Cherokee, Sequoyah, and Wagoner Counties. I am very proud of the work we do. It can be rough with the ups and downs and day in and day out battle for justice we do every day. I have always believed that justice is different in every case. I also want to say that I feel so very BLESSED to be able to do this job. For 21 years I have been able to work as a prosecutor in Arkansas and Oklahoma. It has been a blessing. I also want to thank my amazing wife Joy Pittman Thorp for always supporting and believing in me. Everyone knows she is far too good for me. I also wanted to thank a man many here in Oklahoma have never heard of – David Gibbons. He will likely never see this because I just can’t see David getting on Facebook. David was the long time Prosecuting Attorney in the 5th District in Arkansas. He brought me in halfway through my 2nd year of law school. He taught me so much. He taught me to go to trial, be fair, honest, humble, and smart. Stay up on the law and continuously review the evidence code. Letting him know about this was one of my career highlights. Finally my Mama and Dad. I hope they are proud of me and are thinking I’ve done good.”