May 21, 2018 – Warning for parents of teenage girls

For Immediate Release – Monday, May 21, 2018

Wagoner, OK Wagoner County authorities are asking residents to talk with teenaged girls about social media predators, after the arrest of a man they say was grooming a staggering number of victims to meet for sex.

“This Dusty Clark character is one prolific predator,” said Sheriff Chris Elliott after the arrest of Troy Dustin Clark, 38, of Muskogee. “He convinced several victims to send photos that are now evidence in a criminal case. We’re concerned there are a whole lot more victims out there that we don’t know about.”

Unbeknownst to Clark, one of his “young girls” was actually a team of full-grown, adult male Wagoner County investigators who had taken over the account of a 15-year-old girl. Elliott said the courageous Wagoner County girl may have spared other victims when she reported on May 8 that someone under the Facebook profile Easton Sloan was sending her lewd private messages.

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Jack Thorp and Chris Elliott collaborate frequently on fighting crime. This photo depicts the Wagoner County officials at a prior press conference.

“A child under the age of 16 being asked to send suggestive photos or meet for sexual acts is a victim. Under the eyes of the law, there is no such thing as a consenting sexual relationship at that age,” said Jack Thorp, district attorney for District 27, which includes Wagoner County. “We’re talking about a textbook sexual predator who gets a sense of his victims, then adapts his narrative to reel them in.”

Clark groomed victims with stories that he was dying and wanted to spend his remaining months pampering his special girl. He impressed more hardened victims by portraying himself as a drug dealer and hustler. To others, he was a successful businessman seeking to be a “super secret sugar daddy.”

“I’m afraid this type of behavior so prevalent, it’s hard for victims to know if they’re really being victimized on social media, and if so, where to report it,” said Elliott. “Once Dusty Clark made the grievous error of propositioning a Wagoner County girl, he sealed his own fate.”

The victim’s mother expressed surprise and gratitude that Wagoner County investigators took their complaint seriously, and that they put forth the effort to find and stop “Easton Sloan.”

“I didn’t expect them to do anything, but I wanted it on record if this guy did something worse,” said the mother, whose identity is protected because her child is a victim. “Too often, we’re told to ‘just block him,’ or to take steps to protect ourselves. What about the girls who don’t know better? Who protects them? My daughter would’ve been fine, but we were worried about girls who don’t know better.”

Soon, conversations between Easton Sloan and investigators posing as his 15-year-old victim moved to a phone app that notifies participants if someone tries to screen capture messages. Like many of the new disappearing message apps, recipients have only seconds to read texts before they’re gone forever.

“New technology definitely helps predators, no doubt about it,” Elliott said. That just means we have to work a little harder to capture evidence. But we got what we needed.”

Elliott said it took true detective work to tie Easton Sloan to members of Clark’s family. As investigators made the connections, Clark continued to rack up the charges, bombarding the girl with lewd messages. By Thursday, they had a date to meet at a fast food restaurant, then go to a motel for sex.

“We told Sloan we’d be wearing a blue flowered dress,” said Elliott. “And he was kind enough to send selfies from inside his vehicle while he was in route.”

A county employee wearing a blue flowered dress waited inside the restaurant with her back to the door. Deputies in unmarked vehicles parked strategically around the restaurant. Easton Sloan never showed, but now they had that selfie – a photo of Clark inside what they now know was his mother’s car, which they’d already identified through public records searches. Investigators caught up with Clark at his mother’s home on Friday.

“When these big old guys told Clark they didn’t appreciate being stood up at the restaurant he realized, they were the ‘sweet young thing’ he’d been grooming,” Elliott said. “From that moment on, he confirmed everything we already knew, and, unfortunately, much more.”

“We’re certain our brave young victim saved future victims from being robbed of their innocence,” said Thorp. “But she wasn’t the first child solicited for sex acts by this grown man on social media.”

Thorp and Elliott urge parents to talk with teenaged girls about whether they’ve had encounters with Easton Sloan or Easton Gooddieyoung. If you have any information about Easton Sloan, Easton Gooddieyoung or Dusty Clark, call the sheriff’s office at (918) 485-3124.

Clark is in the Wagoner County jail on hold for Okmulgee County. He’s also being held for Muskogee County for violating the terms of his 15-year probation. He faces multiple new charges in Wagoner County, including solicitation of lewd acts from a minor under the age of 16, and using a computer to solicit lewed acts and conversations with a minor. Clark is held on a $250,000 bond for the Wagoner County charges.