District 27

The District 27 District Attorney’s office covers Adair, Cherokee, Sequoyah and Wagoner counties. The offices are located in each of the four county courthouses. In addition to those offices there is also a Bogus Check and Restitution office, a Child Support office and a Drug Task Force office. The Bogus Check office is located in Wagoner but serves all 4 counties of the District. The Child Support office is located in Sequoyah County and serves Sequoyah and Adair counties. The Drug Task Force serves all 4 counties and offices in various locations within the District.

The mission of the District 27 District Attorney’s Office, is to lead our communities in the fight for justice and public safety through the fair, equal, efficient and vigorous prosecution of criminals and protection of victims’ rights. Our vision is that our office, through cooperative efforts with the public and other agencies tasked with public safety, will provide a criminal justice system in which all of the citizens in our District can hold their trust. We are striving to make that vision a reality for all the people of Adair, Cherokee, Sequoyah and Wagoner Counties.

This Mission and Vision requires the work of 58 full-time employees. We have given contact information on the web-site for those persons that you would most likely need to contact. However, the work of the District 27 District Attorney’s Office could not be accomplished without the hard work and dedication of support staff that keep each office running on a daily basis.

Please visit our web-site frequently for news related to crime and justice in District 27. You may also access the District Facebook page by clicking on the icon at the lower right hand corner of the home page. If you “like” the page you will receive media stories from the District on your Facebook page. Please sign up for newsletters by entering your email address at the lower left hand side of the home page of the web-site. Contact information for each office should be easy to find, but if you are unable to receive the assistance that you need please send an e-mail to general.info@da27.org.

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