N. Jack Thorp

About N. Jack Thorp, District 27 DAChosen to Lead

In September 2017, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin appointed Jack Thorp to the position of district attorney for District 27. With seven years’ experience as first assistant ADA, Thorp was the obvious choice when President Donald Trump tapped Brian Kuester to be a federal prosecutor.

“Jack Thorp has been a prosecutor for nearly 20 years and has extensive jury trial and courtroom experience in prosecuting complex cases,” said Fallin when Kuester recommended Thorp. “He is mindful of the critical nature of public service, and has exhibited a dedication to serving the public. He will serve the people of Adair, Cherokee, Sequoyah and Wagoner Counties well as district attorney.”

Jack Thorp, Experienced Prosecutor

First and foremost, Kuester passed Thorp’s name along to the governor because of his seven years of experience at Kuester’s side. As first ADA, he handled the district’s day-to-day operations. So, he was ready when duty called.

Kuester said in a letter to Fallin, “[Thorp] has played a critical and vital role in creating a district attorney’s office in which the people of this district can place their trust. His reputation is impeccable among the honest, law-abiding people who know him.”

""Born to Serve – USN

Thorp served on the U.S. Navy’s USS Doyle (FFG-39), earning commendations from Commander, Cruiser 1 Destroyer Group 12 and Commander Naval Surface Forces, Atlantic Fleet. Following his honorable discharge from the Navy, Thorp graduated Magna Cum Laud from the University of the Ozarks with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Building an Impressive Resume

Midway through law school, Thorp served as a licensed intern with the Prosecuting Attorney for the Fifth District in Arkansas. Upon law school graduation, he was appointed Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the Fifth District in Arkansas.

From 1999-2005, Thorp served as Coordinator and Prosecuting Attorney in charge of the Fifth Judicial District Drug Task Force, while working for Prosecuting Attorney David Gibbons. In that capacity, Thorp specialized in drug crimes, drug asset forfeiture, and violent crimes.

Thorp returned to Oklahoma in 2005. The Tulsa County DA offered him a position as an ADA. So after receiving his law license under reciprocity with Arkansas, Thorp began his Oklahoma career working for then-Tulsa DA Tim Harris. He began an impressive five-year run as a felony prosecutor.

Jack Thorp, Hard-as-Nails Record

Within a couple of months in Tulsa, Thorp cemented his reputation as a hard-as-nails, tough-on-crime prosecutor. He won convictions for murder, rape, robbery, shooting with the intent to kill, and other high-profile crimes. He also earned respect for his commitment to prosecuting crimes against children.

It was in the fast-paced, high-volume Tulsa office where Thorp first began to show his leadership potential. He quickly worked his way up to the position of Team Captain, supervising prosecutors assigned to the Felony Division. In the five years he served in Tulsa, Thorp earned the prestigious “Top Gun” award in 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Kuester saw Thorp’s potential, offering him a position as his Right Hand in 2011.  Thorp began a new year as District 27’s First Assistant District Attorney. For seven years, Thorp managed the offices’ 63 employees in four counties. He also navigated a multi-million dollar budget through years of consistent state budget cuts.

Building a Legacy

Thorp continues his exemplary litigation track record, winning some of the biggest murder cases in recent District 27 history. Two of his murder cases were showcased on the Discovery ID Channel’s crime documentaries, Snapped, Murder Calls and Swamp Murders. Another of his cases – the Tiffany Maher Murder trial – will be featured on an episode of Cyber Murders.

As of Thorp’s appointment to DA in September 2017, Thorp had tried 94 felony jury trials, including 37 murder cases.

In addition to Thorp’s official duties, he finds time to give back to his communities. He has lectured before several legal groups. The Tulsa County Bar Association and District Attorney’s Council have featured Thorp’s speeches. He’s also made presentations at National Crimes Against Children Conference and National Crimes Against Women Conference. Partners for Change Conference, the ATF and the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Working Group have also benefited from Thorp’s wisdom and experience.

Thorp also serves as an adjunct professor of criminal law at Northeastern State University.

Jack is a proud Republican and Wagoner County Resident. He will complete his current term in January 2019.